Permanent magnet
variable speed screw air compressor

With powerful driving core, it is more energy-saving and energy-saving

The biggest advantage of permanent magnet variable frequency air compressor is energy saving by 10%~35% in average. It depends on the working condition of the air compressor and the setting of the frequency converter.

If the air consumption fluctuates, the energy-saving effect is better. Using a high-efficiency and energy-saving control system, the starting current is small and reduce the impact on the motor and electrical components; the life of the motor is extended, and the impact on the equipment and machinery is relatively reduced.

Benefit of Permanent magnet
variable speed drives

It surpass the IE3 level, smaller in size and higher in efficiency

The inherent efficiency of a permanent magnet motor is higher than an induction motor. While AC induction motors are more commonly found in motor-driven systems, they are often larger in size and less efficient than permanent magnet motor solutions.

The performance surpasses IE3 level, the performance is also more excellent. Direct power transmission, low noise, low vibration, reduced power transmission loss and maintenance parts, and a wider range of frequency conversion drives.

F.A.D. at Working PressureMotor
Air Outlet
Pipe Dia
Compressor DimensionsNet Weight
m³/mincfmm³/mincfmkWHPinchL × W × H (mm)kgs
E150ES150-37VS7.22546.221837501 1/21500 × 1020 × 1455744