2-stage rotary screw air compressor

Powerful two stage compression performance surpasses one stage compression.

For this series of new designs, we use two-stage compression. The compression efficiency creates the most energy-efficient air compressor, keeping the flow rate, power consumption and temperature in the best condition, making the screw air compressor more energy-saving, more power-saving, and more suitable for your use. Improve your production efficiency, and also greatly save power consumption. Our design and manufacturing technique has always been being the quality guarantee.

Benefit of variable speed drives

Our product is the most efficient, energy-saving.

Air compressor a must-have equipment of factory, but it is with high power consumption. To enhance the efficiency of operation matters the cost and competitiveness, demand for energy saving is high and a must; variable speed air compressor changes the rotating speed of the motor with an variable speed. Average utilization rate of compressor is 50-70% and air consumption on the production line varies tremendously, with variable speed as PID constant pressure control is currently the best, no virtual power loss, all energy used on air compression. It is the most efficient control mode.

F.A.D. at Working PressureMotor
Air Outlet
Pipe Dia
Compressor DimensionsNet Weight
m³/mincfmm³/mincfmkWHPinchL × W × H (mm)kgs
B300PDS300P-110207061967111015032950 × 1650 × 18403140
DS300P-110VS207061967111015032950 × 1650 × 18403200